AP Geography : The Human Mosaic - 12th Edition

The Human Mosaic - 12th Edition Companion Site for AP Geography. This site is completely FREE and provides study guides, flashcard games, web activities and online quizzes! Use this to help you prepare for class tests or simply to expand your knowledge of Human Geography.

AP Government: Government in America - 11th Edition Study Guides and Quizzes

AP Government: Government in America - 11th Edition. This is the companion site to the classroom textbook. This site provides Chapter summaries, online quizzes and study guides. The site is completely free and will help you prepare for class and tests!

AP History - Henretta 7th ed. Study Guides and Quizzes

Sign up on this FREE site to access study guides to your AP History textbook and take online quizzes! When you create a free account, the site saves all your scores (accessible only by you) so that you can monitor your own learning! While this site does not provide the entire book online, it provides free study guides for each chapter.

21st Century Lit
21st Century Lit’s focus is on the reading and writing skills teenagers need and that can be taught using journalistic methods and new digital tools
Archiving Early America
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living room candidate
Tturn into Storytellers who can create, share, and collaborate on MapStories and ultimately improve our understanding of global dynamics, worldwide, over the course of history.
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