Ponca City Public Schools
2015 School Bond Election - October 13th, 2015

Construction Projects

Facility Improvements - $6,196,000

Lincoln Elementary

  • Move offices to the front of the building
  • Remodel current office into classrooms
  • Expand the Media Center

  • Renovate student restrooms
  • Replace flooring throughout the facility
  • Add counselor offices to the main office suite

  • Replace windows and HVAC
  • New HVAC

High School
  • Secure front entrance
  • Secure walkway from Fine Arts to Howell Building
  • Replace elevator
  • Replace auditorium seating

Fine Arts Improvements - New Concert Hall - $10,741,000

New Concert Hall Rendering
  • A music only venue acoustically tailored for live music performances

  • Acoustical design will allow for high quality recordings necessary for our students to qualify for vocal and instrumental music competitions

  • A stage large enough to accommodate both the concert band and orchestra with seating capacity of 1,200
  • The stage can be configured for smaller ensembles

  • We will have the ability to have combined instrumental and choral performances

  • Chorale will be able to perform on campus

  • Provide the audience with experiences typically found only in large metropolitan areas

Athletic Facility Improvements - $13,088,000
This proposal is the most significant investment to our athletic and fine arts facilities since the 1970s
when Robson Fieldhouse and the Fine Arts Buildings were constructed.
Sullins Stadium - $6,270,000
Improvements to Sullins Stadium Architect's RenderingNew Press Box & Weight Training Facility

  • New press box

  • New weight training facility

  • New fencing

  • Brick façade

New Ticket Booth & Football Locker Room - $3,940,000
New Ticket Booth & Football Locker Room

  • Construct new football locker room

  • Renovate existing football locker room

  • Construct new ticket booth

  • New security fencing
Architect's Rendering of New Ticket Booth and Lockerroom

Robson Fieldhouse Arena - $2,315,000
robson fieldhouseMaintenance & Repair

  • Replace lighting

  • Replace ceiling

  • Replace gym floor

  • Replace HVAC

  • Paint facility

Baseball and Softball - $563,000
Baseball & Softball Updates

  • Improvements to the softball and baseball complexes

  • New parking lot at baseball field
Improvements to Baseball & Softball Facilities

Technology and Transportation Improvements

Technology - $7,200,000
Students using technology in the classroom
  • Continue the district's commitment to provide a technologically enriched environment to support rigorous, content-based curriculum allocating $1,200,000 per year which is a total of $7,200,000

  • Maintain our four year technology rotation

  • Maintain our 1 to 1 initiative

  • Expand Chrome Book Carts into every classroom PK - 7th

  • Purchase online textbooks

Total - $37,225,000

Transportation - $1,000,000
Purchase Nine New Buses

  • Four 77 passenger buses

  • Three 84 passenger buses

  • Two mini buses

Replacing buses that are at least ten years old to continue to provide safe and dependable transportation for our students.
Students Boarding School Bus


Please Remember to VOTE October 13th!