Success for ALL!
No excuses.
No exceptions.

Upcoming Events:
April 14-17   3rd and 4th grade OCCT  
April 20-24   5th grade OCCT
April 24 1st grade field trip to Wondertorium  
April 27-30   Scholastic BOGO Book Fair
April 30- PTA Carnival 5:00-7:00

PERFECT ATTENDANCE for 3rd 9 weeks

Read Across America week was lots of fun.  Students showed their Dr. Seuss spirit by dressing up each day.  Some of the 3rd-5th grade students read aloud to the primary grades.
Fifth graders performed a song that they wrote themselves during Rise and Roar.

MCTEACHER Night was a great success.  Lincoln received a check for $678.67 and raised $429.06 cash, totaling a donation of $1107.73 for student activities.
Thanks, McDonalds, for your support!

Evans and Associates, Lincoln's PIE Partner, recently purchased and
delivered requested items to Lincoln teachers.