Music - Vocal - Chad Keilman
Music - Vocal - Chad Keilman

Ponca City High School Choirs

Po-Hi Chorale & Jazz Choir Auditions

Wednesday, May 4 from 4:15-6:30


Friday, May 6 from 4:15-6:30

  • Any 2016-2017 Po-Hi student is eligible to audition
  • Auditions take place in the Choir Room F103
  • Auditions will be blind, meaning the judges will not see the auditionee or know the names of any singer until the selection process is finished.
  • Arrive warmed up and prepared to sing your best

Audition Requirements
  1. Prepare to sing "America" a capella with the starting note given. You do not need to memorize "America." Download the sheet music.  Download/listen to the practice track.
  2. Pitch memory.  Auditionees will listen to a sequence of 3 or 4 notes played on the piano.  These should be sung back in the order played, using a neutral syllable.
  3. Sight-Reading.  Auditionees will sing a short 8-measure sight-reading example in C, F, or G.
  4. Vocalization:  Auditionees will vocalize to assess vocal range.
**Those who wish to be considered for the 2016-2017 Jazz Choir will also be asked to sing "The Star Spangled Banner." You do not need to memorize "The Star Spangled Banner."  Download sheet music.  Download/listen to the practice track.

Audition Procedure
  1. Choose one audition day and arrive at Room F103 between 4:15 and 6:30.
  2. Sign-in with the room monitor.  The room monitor will give you an audition sheet to fill out.  This will be given to the judges.  Please do not put your name anywhere on the sheet.
  3. The room monitor will escort you into the audition room.  Do not announce your name at any time.
  4. When your audition is finished the judges will say, "Thank you for auditioning today." At this time, exit the audition room.

Vocal Music Lettering

All entries due by April 24th at 11:59 pm.  No late entries will be accepted for any reason.

Go here to fill out the lettering form.