Music - Vocal - Chad Keilman
Music - Vocal - Chad Keilman

Ponca City High School Choirs

Ponca City High School Chorale 2015-2016

Ponca City High School Chorale is an auditioned group of student musicians. This advanced group maintains a rigorous performance schedule, giving 4 concerts each year in addition to competing at State-Level large group contest.

Po-Hi Chorale 2015-2016


Katie Hines (S1)

Sarah Hunsucker (S1)

Sally Kimbrel (S1)

Lashelle Morgan (S1 / S2 flex)

Taryn Pruett * (S2)

Santana Raymond (S2)


Katelynn Schulz (A1 / A2 flex)

Daina Judah (A1)

Olivia Smith (A1)

Holly Mayfield(A2)

Brianna Pritchard (A2)

Ashton Jones * (A2)


Joshua Chrisman (T1)

Noah Willis (T1)

Brady Bookout (T2)

Paxton Myers * (T2)


Carter Wyatt * (B1)

Brody Anderson (B1)

Giant Boykin (B1)

Grayson Webb (B2)

Corbin Myers (B2)

Jason Layton ^ (B2)

“ * ” = Section Leader

“ ^ ” = Academic Probation

Ponca City High School Women's Barbershop

Women's Barbershop is a new auditioned ensemble that will meet twice each week, after school on Monday and during MUST on a day to be determined. This ensemble will perform at the Fall, Christmas, and Spring concerts and compete in small ensemble contest.  Members of this ensemble must be enrolled in Mixed Choir.

Soprano 1

Kayla Gonzalez

Jessica Araiza

Natalie Grubbs

Faith Greenhagen

Soprano 2

Katie Nichols

Anjali Sweetman

Gloria Havens

Kinsey Wright


Savannah Brumley

Heather Plummer

Jamie Todd

Krissi Bean